4 | Classes of Shadowrun

The biggest change to the game is obviously the classes. As I mentioned before, we assigned our favorite classic Shadowrun archetypes to different 4E Combat Roles. Some took a little stretching to get something useable, but it turned out pretty good. We haven’t made an entire assortment of Powers for each class yet – we’ll be adding those over time. We’re also eager to hear your feedback and suggestions to make the classes more interesting or balanced.

Remember, there are four roles in D&D 4E: Defender, Striker, Leader, and Controller. We’ve decided to start off by making two different classes for each role, save for the Striker which has three. Here are the classes we’ve decided to make and their associated roles:

Street Samurai (Fighter)
Adept (Paladin)

Decker (Rogue)
Former Company Man (Ranger)
Mage (Warlock)

Shaman (Cleric)
Fixer (Warlord)

Rigger (Wizard)
Ganger (MeleeController)

UPDATE: Click HERE to see my new site featuring more Shadowrun hacks!


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